[W. I. P.]Raiden's Mask from MGS4

Well, it's been for weeks now I haven't been here. If that so, then I'm really apologized.

Anyways, I've been busy these days since me and my mother are planning to go to Miri either this Tuesday or Monday, though I don't have any mood to go there. But since I still got time to kill, here's my latest creation for The Sims 2. Well, not my creation, but more like a simple converting from MGS4 to The Sims 2.

Here, have a look:-

As you can see on the other 2 pics that it looks slightly different from these 2 pics above. That's because I was having a problem and wanted to know how to make the mask "sticked" to the sim's face without even making another mesh. And thanks to AlfredAskew from this post, he mentioned something about "non-deforming" accessories. Credits goes to him for helping me out. :D

And that's all for the post, and see you guys next time.

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azure dragon said...

amazing!!!!! raiden is amazing

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