[REL/TS2] Headphones for Male and Female

*UPDATE* 20/1/2013:-
Headphones are upped and ready to grab. :)

(Note:- "Read Me.rtf" is a must-read.)
As you're reading this post, I'm also doing a headphones for The Sims 2 besides taking pictures of my RED's outfit. I know that someone already made the headphones for it, but it's not the one I wanted.

I saw some of the headphones like the ones around the neck, the earpuffs, mini in-earphones, but NOT WEARING THEM ON THEIR HEAD. So I decided to create my own headphone that can make them wear on their head by taking the headphone model off from the game and simply converting it into an accessory and done. :)

But let me tell you something; this headphone is not like the one you see in the game where one of the Simmers using it for DJ and can't change the color or the logo on the sides of the headphones. This is a fully customizable headphones. Yep, you heard that right. You can change the color, you can add or change logos on the sides of the headphones, you can even add a small text or a logo on top of the headphones, too.

Take a look at the screenshots below and you'll notice that you can change whatever you want with the headphones:-

Yep, that's how it look like. To put it simply, I found this headphone mesh from the game itself like I said earlier, but I modify the headphones a little bit so that the headphones are customizable and can use for both gender. But I didn't took a picture of a woman wearing the headphones so my apology.

Also, the textures for the headphones are for testing purposes only, but I don't know if I'm gonna release the texture, so... yea.

Anyways, I'm gonna release this headphones soon enough if anyone wants it but I have to take a few pictures of it and will put up a download link once I'm done, so like I said in my previous post, keep your eyes peeled on this post for the DL link and will see you guys next time. ;)


MzLuluZombi said...

These are awesome! I wanted to ask; I put a request up on the wishing tree at Garden of Shadows asking if anyone could modify these to work on teens, but I completely ask you for permission, seeing how you are the creator. Is it all right for someone to edit this mesh? I put the request here: http://digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=31974.0

Ethan Pierce said...

It is invisible in my game. What mesh do I have to download?

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