About this Blog...

The truth is, it's been for so long that I'm wish to make my own TS2 fan site since I bought The Sims 2 for PC. And I guess that my wish has come true, and I'm feeling excited! :D

Oh yeah, back on the topic, there's a lil' bit of story behind this blog, about why I made this blog and why I love The Sims 2 even more since then.

Well, this is my story...

In the year 2006, I was sitting on the floor, turning on my PS2 and playing The Sims 2. I remembered when I was first time playing The Sims game for PC back at my school that time. It was kinda fun with those characters who speaks "Simlish" language. And they even doing something that can make you laugh. LOL!

But sadly, I didn't have any PC computers. And what all I got that time was an old, Mac OS 9 computer that DOES NOT SUPPORT video games. Sucks, huh? So, PS2 is the only console I got.

And then one day, I went to the internet café just to check my Gmail and somehow, I find something familiar. Some weird dude over at YouTube sending me this video, and it's The Sims 2 video which, in my opinion, not that great 'cause of the quality, and the jokes were lame, too.

Then, I saw this one thumbnail image at the sidebar, called "KABOOM! Sims 2 Squeenix Style" and the first time I saw in that thumbnail was Sephiroth. "Sephiroth in The Sims 2? Seriously?!", that was my first thought when I saw the thumbnail. "Nah, it's just another lame joke..." but on second thought, I clicked on the video just to make sure that I don't get "Rick Roll'd".

LOL, Rick Roll'd. It used to be a very popular internet joke video almost ENTIRE WORLD 'till I used it just to do a prank joke on my friend. But now, I'm gettin' banned for it. Sheesh, that sucks.

I thought it's just another joke video, but I was wrong. It seems that it's not a joke video, but instead, it's a REAL video. And I saw not only Sephiroth, but Cloud, too. Barret, Vincent, Wakka and some other FF characters were in the video, too. And this is my reaction after I watched the video...

"Wow, that was quite amazing!"


"I wonder where did they get these mods anyways?"

And I started to search on Google about The Sims 2 mods on the same night, and this is where it leads me to the custom contents and mods for The Sims 2:-

Or MTS2, for short. So I clicked on the site and wow... Lots of UNIQUE stuff back there!

They have custom hair, custom skintones, custom outfit, and they even have a custom lot, too! And also, they even have a custom Sim including Optimus Prime from Transformers series!

"Holy smokes, just look at these! Damn, they look fantastic! I should get The Sims 2 for PC soon!"

In 2007, that's where I bought The Sims 2 for PC at The Mall. Then, I bought the EPs at both The Mall and Chong Hock at Kiulap. And for those of you who don't know what's "Chong Hock" thing is, it's a local Audio CD/DVD/PC Games store which is cheap, but atleast it's reliable. Where else I could buy the other EPs if it wasn't from them?

Me working on TRON's outfit, circa 2011.
So far, I bought University, Nightlife, Free Time and Apartment Life, while the others were from The Mall. The SPs I bought from CH was Teen, IKEA, something like Bath or some sort, and that's that. Only M&G's missing, but I downloaded it through the internet 'cause I couldn't find the M&G pack anywhere in Brunei, so I decided to download it.

And in 2010, which is last year, this is where I begin to learn making meshes for The Sims 2. And that's why I love The Sims 2 even more. With this, I can do EVERYTHING I want with it, just like I did to my PSP. LOL!

And that's my story. Oh yeah, before I go, don't forget to check the "Gallery" section I made, you can click it above there. Or you can go here directly into the "Gallery" section:-


Enjoy simming! ;)