My List of Planned/On-Going Projects

Hey, guys! How's your day? :D
You know, after spending a lot of my times working on projects, it's time for me to tell you about my projects.

You see, I have like, 3 big projects that it's still on going and sometimes I kinda which project I should do first and which project that I should put it on-hold. I mean, there's a LOT OF PROJECTS for me to handle it. One guy handles everything. Now that's a quite challenging for me 'cause it's my first time doing all the projects in one go, and I'm the only one who doing it. @~@

Anyways, here's some of my planned and on-going projects. Oh, and by the way, they're all CATEGORIZED so that you guys can easily know which project is still going and which one is on hold, so here you go:-

Big projects:-

Current status:- On-Hold

This is my first original big project that I've worked on for The Sims 2 and I tell you,
I'm very proud of myself working on this one since no one ever did this, except
for TRON: Legacy. Someone already working on TRON: Legacy project but
it was for The Sims 3. I think I did heard someone making for The Sims 2
but I don't know if the rumor's true but I did see a picture of it, just
that I don't remember the last time I see the pictures.
 Current status:- Active

My second big project. I started this project because I was inspired by Daislia, the one who make
Altaïr's outfit as you can see on the right of the page. Yep, that's her creation. And she's the first
one who start creating Assassin's Creed stuff for The Sims 2. When I saw her creations,
it inspires me to make one as well. Without her, this project won't be exist and without her,
there will be no Assassin's Creed for The Sims 2 for us all.
Daislia, we love you! Keep up the good work! :D

Current status:- In-progress...

My third big project. This project starts after I watch a lot of MGS videos using The Sims 2 on YouTube. It looks really cool and nice, but the clothes and the weapons needs a little bit upgrade.
And since no one took the project, I decided to make one. The stuff I've done so far was Raiden's mask and his gears. Right now, I'm currently fixing Snake's bandana. I either need to rip the mesh off from
the original model or making a new mesh from scratch.

Small projects:-
Current status:- On-Hold

My very first small project. This is where I start to learn on re-texturing the small textures into
high-quality textures. So far, I've done the Shinra's sword and Shinra's helmet. I'm planning to get the
gears and the stuff from FF7: CC and upgrade them into a high-quality poly meshes. It looks ugly
if you just convert them to The Sims 2 without fixing and replacing the meshes and what not, and besides, people like high-quality stuff, right?

Current status:- On-Hold

My second small project. This project starts after I play the game where Vanitas is like a bully and Ventus is like a bitch to handle it. And for some reason, I was laughing my ass off when Venitas (Vanitas + Ventus) says, "The Keyblade war will begin". It makes me wanna make my own story and show it how it's done in my way. And so, I rip some of the models off from the game and then remaking the textures and import them to the game. I've done the X-Blade, Ventus' Wayfinder necklace and Vanitas' outfit, but as for his outfit, I need to remake the whole mesh again because it looks ugly in the game and it doesn't look "clean" to me. Maybe around June or July I'll start working on it again.

Current status:- On-Hold

My recent project, a. k. a., my third small project. I started this project after reading and watching the famous and popular LoZ creepypasta story made by Jadusable, "BEN". The story explained about a haunted cartridge, Majora's Mask which occured on Jadusable and he even posted the gameplay videos on YouTube where something weird happen in the game like Link got electrocuted multiple times after seeing the creepy statue, or sometimes the game got hanged and freeze on some locations. And after watching those videos, I decided to start this project after reading and watching the creepypasta story "BEN". It's just the Elegy of Emptiness statue from Majora's mask, nothing else. But I do have plans for other stuff from LoZ. Maybe perhaps "the father"? Not sure, but I do have plans for The Sims 2 from LoZ games.

Current status:- In-progress...

My fourth and latest small project; Pokémon. This is as same as the LoZ project; I start this project after reading the popular creepypasta story, Pokémon Lost Silver. I maybe making the outfits based from the creepypasta, but I'm also plan to make Poké Balls as well. I'm also planning to turn this project into a big project, but if I wanna do that, I need to see some more picture references and maybe perhaps some videos so that I can start my Pokémon project for The Sims 2, although someone already did this before, but just the clothes. As for my case, I'm planning to make Poké Balls, Player's House from Pallet Town, Prof. Oak's lab, I guess? But I'm still planning if I wanna do it or not. Not sure yet since there's another project that I'm still working on.


Current status: Still planning...

Yep, that's right. I'm planning to make a CONTRA project for The Sims 2. I have lots of ideas about this new project, like making the weapon icons, the props, stuff like that. Since no one did this project, why not me starting it first? I mean, no one ever did this and besides, the series is almost died and so, I decided to make this project just to pay a tribute to the original Contra series.
And yep, that's all for my project lists. Also, I will add this on the menu bar above in case if there's anything change in this post, I'll just have to update it. And see you guys next time! ;)


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