F. A. Q.

Q. Are these stuff are for personal use only?

A. Most of my stuff are only for personal use, yes. But some of them are available for downloads, too.

Q. Can I upload these to my website?

A. That's definitely a NO-NO, 'cause usually when people try to download my file and re-upload it to their website, people think that it's theirs, not mine. If you want to, you have to ask me for my permission first.

Q. Nice custom sims you got there. Are they available for downloads, too?

A. Kind of. I don't know, 'cause I haven't thinking about uploading those sims yet, so yeah...

Q. There's someone trying to claim your stuff as their own! What should I do?!

A. Either report to me or better yet, report to the hosting site where they upload the file and that way, the file should be deleted in a few days or so.

Q. Wait a sec... I just saw Altaïr's outfit in your "Downloads" section. WTF?
A. Looks like you didn't read the whole post, are you? Try to RE-READ the whole post again. I'm getting sick of people saying "OMG! You're a thief!" shit. -_-"

Q. I just noticed that most of your posts starts either [W. I. P.], [TS2], [REL], etc., etc. What does these stands for?

A. Oh, right. Looks like I forgot to post this. LOL! Anyways, here's a list of useful keywords that you guys might wanna read:-

[TS2] = The Sims 2 only, unreleased.

[REL/TS2] = The Sims 2 only, released.

[UNREL/TS2] = The Sims 2 only, unreleased and never will be. LOL! 

[W. I. P.] = Work in-progress.

[P] = Personal use only.