[W. I. P.] Naked Snake's Bandana from MGS3

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen. A bandana that I've always wanted to finish it about a YEARS AGO. It's been awhile I've wanted to make the bandana for The Sims 2, but since I was on hiatus, I wasn't able to do anything except doing 3D stuff. Now that I'm getting my feet back on the track, time to revive back all of my old projects and continuing them once more.

So anyways, I've finally port the bandana from the model to The Sims 2 and made it wearable for both genders. Again, the bandana is not available for Teens. Just the same old Adult and Elder ages. Enjoy the screenshots, peeps! :D

Naked Snake's Bandana from MGS3

Oh, and BTW, let me give you a small info. As you can see from the screenshots, you could say that I've added a separate and custom bump-map texture on the bandana, but this ain't your ordinary black and white bump-map texture.

I use an RGB normal-map texture, one of the most popular normal texture for next-gen games and graphics, just like The Sims 3. However, for The Sims 2, they're mostly using an old "black-and-white" bump-map textures for clothes and/or accessories. I think I did saw one object in the game and I assume they're using the RGB normal-map texture but maybe it's just me.

So yeah, there you go. That's all for my new accessories for The Sims 2. I may want to make another mesh after this and it's not really big. Just a simple basic mesh, that's all. So as usual, I'll see you guys in the next post. ;)

[W. I. P.] Masky Mask from MarbleHornets

5 days ago, I created 2 new accessory meshes for The Sims 2. Yup, that's right. There's no new outfits at the moment right now, but I have an upcoming teaser project for you guys and you'll be excited, although I haven't worked on it yet. Maybe in the future or so. So, let's get down to business, shall we? :)

Like I promised from this post, I'll be showing you my new creations one at a time so that you won't be confused on which mesh I'm talking about. Here's one of my creations for The Sims 2:-

Masky Mask

BTW, this is regarding about the name, "Masky". If you don't know who's Masky is, it's one of the infamous creepypasta character from the web-series on YouTube, called "MarbleHornets". The story's about Slender Man, obviously.

Yeah, you guys already know who's Slender Man by now because of the "SLENDER" indie game for PC. Sometimes I'm wondering how Slender Man gets so famous till this day. Back in the days, no know one who's Slender Man is. The ones they know is either Jeff the Killer and/or Smile.jpg.

Anyways, let's get back to my creation. As you can see from the screenshots, the mask is wearable for both Male and Female. Unfortunately for this mask however, it's not available for Teens so I'm really sorry if I'm not make it for Teens. On a good side though is that you can wear them for Elders too. Perhaps you want your Elder Sims to scare the young people by wearing the mask during Halloween, who knows? It's a nice mask to scare people, if I want to say about it. LOL!

That's all for my new mesh creation. Now I'll be talking about the bandana in the next post. Just keep your eyes peeled, fellas. I'll see you guys in the next post. ;)

FINALLY BACK ON TRACK!/New stuff to show...

Alrighty guys! I'm finally back on track to continue my TS2 projects! Man, it's been almost 2 - 3 years I haven't touched them since. But now that I'm here, it's good to be back once more. I'm so happy! :D

Well now, since that I'm officially came back from my hiatus, what are the things that I'm gonna show you today? Of course, this could be the teaser of my next creations that's gonna be POSSIBLY to be released around mid-April or so (and I realized I haven't released some or most of my creations like my Pokemon outfits or a Syrian Sword for Altair...).

Without further ado, here's my teaser preview of my new stuff:-

Yep. These are my new creations for The Sims 2 especially the top one. What are these meshes based from, you asked? Well... I guess you'll have to find out soon in the next post. Stay tuned, peeps! ;)

5 months of no updates due to malfunctioning program...

Hey there, guys! It's been awhile now, hasn't it? I know I haven't been updating this blog lately and... let's just say all my projects being on-hold due to my program not functioning properly. Yep, that's right. My MS3D just got messed up.

I'm supposedly continuing my TS2 projects when suddenly my MS3D doesn't work anymore. I've posted over at MTS2 regarding about this problem, hoping they could help me to fix it. However, there's one person that I somehow find it make sense about the program. He stating that "MS3D sometimes will throw an error and close down if the file has duplicate textures or texture names" and "it's not my problem if the program doesn't want to run at all". So basically means that if I want to create my custom objects or outfit, I can't have so many duplicate textures. I guess I'll try this method soon.

Anyways, I do have a good news for you guys. I recently uninstalled my Windows off from my iMac and then re-install it again but this time, I'm not just doing TS2 custom meshes. Nope, not anymore. I'm doing not only my custom meshes but also doing 3D renders using 3DS MAX. And for 3 years straight, it is the best thing I ever did and I'm getting obsessed to it. If you want to see my 3D rendered images, you can go and hover on "My Other Links" and click "deviantART". Or you can simply click on this link below:-

I have to tell ya; ever since I'm starting learning on 3D, people asks me on how I did such thing and I tell them about how I did. To me, I think this is the biggest change in my life. Well, not really that big but... it's kinda awesome when you learn new things that you're interested in like way back before even iPhone was invented. I have to say; I did not regret to learn 3D stuff. :)

And I guess that's all for the post and I'll see guys next time. ;)

Back on a track *UNOFFICIALLY*.

It's been for 3 months now ever since my last post. Fortunately, I'm starting to have my mood back a bit on modding The Sims 2 again., but not fully 100% as I'm still concentrate on 3D renders as of now.

I've been doing a lot of improves about 3D lately and things are getting pretty good. Right now, I'm slowly continue my dead-to-be-revived TRON project (yeah, it was almost dead for years now) and finishing up my YORI outfit circuits. Once that done, I'll be making another version of SARK's helmet, which I call it as "SARK v2", but I haven't made that yet until I'm done with YORI.

Also, as for Assassin's Creed, I'll be holding them for a while as I'm not planning to continue the project until further notice. That same goes to Metal Gear Solid and Pokemon projects as well. I'm not sure about other ones, however.

I guess that's all for my status updates and if you guys want some more updates, then you guys can follow me on my FB and my Twitter here:-

Munir Bin Julaihi

...and I'll see you guys next time. ;)

Will be away for awhile...

Hey there, guys! Sorry I won't be able to update this blog because I'm very very busy at the moment and as you can see, it's already been a few months ever since my last post.

You see, I'm currently busy making a 3D render videos and yeah, I'm into 3D right now so my time for making clothes are less and heck, I don't have time to finish Ezio's outfit nor fixing anything! Damn. @~@

But anyways, I'll be away for awhile and I'll be back once I'm free again. For now, enjoy browsing this blog and most importantly...


[REL/TS2] Headphones for Male and Female

*UPDATE* 20/1/2013:-
Headphones are upped and ready to grab. :)

(Note:- "Read Me.rtf" is a must-read.)
As you're reading this post, I'm also doing a headphones for The Sims 2 besides taking pictures of my RED's outfit. I know that someone already made the headphones for it, but it's not the one I wanted.

I saw some of the headphones like the ones around the neck, the earpuffs, mini in-earphones, but NOT WEARING THEM ON THEIR HEAD. So I decided to create my own headphone that can make them wear on their head by taking the headphone model off from the game and simply converting it into an accessory and done. :)

But let me tell you something; this headphone is not like the one you see in the game where one of the Simmers using it for DJ and can't change the color or the logo on the sides of the headphones. This is a fully customizable headphones. Yep, you heard that right. You can change the color, you can add or change logos on the sides of the headphones, you can even add a small text or a logo on top of the headphones, too.

Take a look at the screenshots below and you'll notice that you can change whatever you want with the headphones:-

Yep, that's how it look like. To put it simply, I found this headphone mesh from the game itself like I said earlier, but I modify the headphones a little bit so that the headphones are customizable and can use for both gender. But I didn't took a picture of a woman wearing the headphones so my apology.

Also, the textures for the headphones are for testing purposes only, but I don't know if I'm gonna release the texture, so... yea.

Anyways, I'm gonna release this headphones soon enough if anyone wants it but I have to take a few pictures of it and will put up a download link once I'm done, so like I said in my previous post, keep your eyes peeled on this post for the DL link and will see you guys next time. ;)